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Hygienic infrastructure for horses


It is important that rooms for horses are hygienic. With Paneltim panels we get to work and make modern hygienic spaces, walls and stables. The panels are easy to clean, which guarantees optimal hygiene. 

Hygienic infrastructure for horses - advantages at a glance

  • Maintenance-friendly and hygienic
  • Custom made
  • Light and strong
  • Good insulation value
  • 100% recyclable

Maintenance-friendly and hygienic


In order to maintain the hygienic infrastructure for horses, it is important that all areas are easy to clean. The plastic panels have closed ends, so you can easily clean or disinfect the entire room with a high-pressure cleaner and dirt doesn't get a chance.


The walls of the rooms consist of smooth, non-absorbent and moisture-repellent panels that provide protection. This prevents the accumulation of moulds, dirt and bacteria.

With wall and ceiling cladding, walls and ceilings can be covered hygienically, keeping the infrastructure for horses hygienic.  

Custom made

Choose your own dimensions

We can tailor the spaces for horses to your situation and the available space. With our panels we can handle any desired size.

Do you have any other specific requirements? We will be happy to come to you to discuss the situation and propose a tailor-made solution. 

Pick your own colours (combinations)

The spaces for horses can be made in different colours. For more information about which colours and colour combinations are possible, you can always contact us.

Light and strong

The panels used are light in weight. Yet they are very strong thanks to their internal cell structure. 

Good isolation value

The Paneltim panels have a good isolation value. This is due to the low thermal conductivity of plastic and thanks to the hermetically enclosed air in the cell structure. This excludes internal condensation in the rooms for horses. 

100% recyclable

All Paneltim panels are made of 100% recyclable materials. They are also free of toxic substances. Prior to the purchase of these raw materials, a systematic quality control is carried out.

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

Together with you we look at the added value of our solutions for your project!

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