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Doors in a diary barn

Dairy cattle

Gates in a dairy stable are more than just passageways. They actively contribute to an optimal stable climate and increase the comfort of you and your cows.

Doors in a diary barn- advantages at a glance

Customization - extra ventilation according to the size of your barn

We combine different types of sails in one gate, and take this into account: 

  • The necessary ventilation 
  • The desired view through
  • Splashing moisture or rain
  • The location of the desired gates in your dairy barn
  • The orientation of the barn

For example, do you suffer from splashing moisture, but would you like to look inside from the outside? Then we combine a non-permeable strip at the bottom with light and air permeable strips at the top. We make the same exercise for each gate. You can also choose the color. 

For each application a system

We have three types of gates for a dairy farm, namely:

These doors can be used at different places in your dairy barn:

  • Closing feeding alley (connection with feed pusher or feeding robot)
  • Closure of indoor areas in a dairy barn in cold temperatures or wind
  • As a passageway for large agricultural machines


Closing feeding alley

Zebradoors in a dairy cowshed are often used to close off a feed alley. While feeding the cows, you can easily open or close the gate with a remote control. So you don't have to step in and out of your feed mixer every time to first open and then close the gate. 

With automated feeding, we can equip the gates of your dairy barn with an external motor, and connect them to your feed robot via Bluetooth. From the moment the robot approaches the gate of your dairy herd, it gives the command to open or close the gate.

Closing milk room

When it's cold or windy, use a roll-up gate in your parlour to easily close off the milking room.

Passage for large agricultural machines

If you want to drive in and out of your dairy cowshed with wide agricultural machines or if you have a large turning circle when manoeuvring, it is best to choose the Maxipoort. The gate is perfect for closing wide aisles from 6m to 15m.

Smooth passage with remote control

You can control our ports manually as well as by remote control. 

Automatic connection possible with feed push-in or feed robot

As mentioned before, an automatic connection with a feed pusher or feeding robot is possible.

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

Together with you we look at the added value of our solutions for your project!

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