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Types kalverhokken

Types of calf pens


An easy-to-move calf pen for indoor use? The Mobibox is what you are looking for! The Mobibox is equipped as standard with a sloping closed floor and a central drain slot for urine at the back. Read more about the Mobibox...

Twinbox / Triple box XL

Group housing in pairs or pairs of three for outdoor use? The Twinbox or Triple box is what you are looking for! Both boxes are equipped with a sloping closed floor as standard and each lying area is fitted with a urine drain pipe. Read more about the Twinbox / Triple box XL...


A modular accommodation that converts smoothly from individual to group housing? Then choose the Flexibox! This housing lends itself to indoor use. When you remove all the partitions, you can mechanically muck out this pen. Read more about the Flexibox...

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