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Ventilation for pigs


Ventilation contributes to the health of pigs. Pig stables often use a combination of mechanical and natural ventilation. In organic pig stables, it is mandatory to ventilate a pig house in a natural way.

Ventilate a pig stable naturally - advantages at a glance

No draughts, healthy animals

If there is too much draught in the barn, animals get sick faster. It is therefore important to avoid draughts. At the same time, sufficient fresh air must flow into the barn. 

Draughts can be avoided by installing a windbreak mesh in front of the adjustable sail. This can be made in different types. 

Ventilation in function of the type of pig stable

There are different types of pig stables:

  • Deck department
  • Gestation stable
  • Farrowing pens
  • Piglet battery
  • Pork department

Each type of pig stable will require different ventilation. Piglets, for example, soon experience (too much) ventilation as a draught. This is different for adult pigs.

It is possible to adjust the sails to the type of pig stable. In this way, you can naturally ventilate a pig house in the right way. 

We will be happy to come to you to look at the situation and provide you with a custommade solution.

Automatic control by means of a climate computer

A pig stable can be ventilated naturally with two types of operation:

  • Manual operation
  • Automatic control by means of a climate computer

In an automated operation, the sails will take care of everything for you. Intervention is no longer necessary, but remains a possibility if desired. The automated sails regulate the air intake of the barn, thanks to the information they receive from the klimaatcomputer. 

Climate computer

The sensors register a lot of parameters. The information of the different parameters is sent to the climate computer.

On the basis of this data, the computer controls the various sails. In this way, a pig stable is naturally ventilated in a draught-free manner and your animals remain healthy. Moreover, the temperature in the pig stable remains stable.

Respond to unexpected weather conditions

Unexpected weather conditions can occur all the time, just think of:

  • Heavy rain
  • Heavy wind
  • Hail
  • ...

If you are not near your stable at the moment, this is no longer a problem. The sails will automatically adjust according to the weather. In this way, you can naturally ventilate the pig stable without worries.

Connecting sails to a ventilation computer

It is possible to connect the various sails to the existing ventilation computer.

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

Together with you we look at the added value of our solutions for your project!

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