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Hygienic infrastructure for cattle


In a cattle stable, the various areas must remain hygienic at all times. This can range from areas for the animals themselves to areas where machines are housed.

Hygienic infrastructure for cattle - applications in a row

Sanitary room

In order to keep the areas in a cattle shed hygienic, a sanitary room is necessary. A sanitary room can be equipped with a:

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Hygiene lock

This for both the own employees and visitors. 

The sanitairy room guarantees company hygiene. The provision of a hygiene lock in the sanitary room helps to prevent the spread of disease in the cattle stable. The visitor or worker enters a changing room, where he or she leaves his or her own clothes.

Through a door he enters the shower room, where he can freshen up and put on the provided company clothing. Then he can enter the barn in a responsible way. When leaving the barn, he can return by the same route.

Robot room

It is advisable to keep the inside walls of a robot room in a cattle shed hygienic.

A robot room in a dairy stable protects the installations and work areas that belong to a milking robot. These areas are used 24 hours a day and must therefore be maintained at all times in order to maintain hygiene.

Technical room

A technical room that can often be found in cattle stables must always be hygienic. The technical room is part of the robot room where the milk tank is stored.

It is important that the computer room, where all machines are controlled, is always kept tidy. This can be done with plastic panels. 

Calf pens

Finally, hygiene in calf pens must always be guaranteed. Young cattle are most susceptible to infections in the first 8 weeks after birth.

Our calf pens are easy to clean thanks to the closed ends of the panels. Well-maintained calf pens reduce disease and guarantee optimal hygiene.

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