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Robot room in a dairy stable

Dairy cattle

A robot room in a dairy barn protects the installations and work areas that belong to a milking robot. These areas are used 24 hours a day, and must therefore meet a number of requirements.

Robot space in a dairy barn made of plastic panels - advantages at a glance

Maintenance-friendly and hygienic

A robot room in a dairy barn must be very easy to maintain because milk, dairy cattle, feed and manure come into close contact with each other. This robot room is cleaned several times a day and easy to clean walls and doors are an absolute must. 

The panels, of which the robot room is made, are very hygienic.

  • Closed ends (also for custom-made work), so that dirt does not get a chance
  • No edges or bumps
  • Easy cleaning

This prevents internal accumulations of internal mould, dirt and bacteria. 

Sustainable, strong and wear-resistant

A robot room in a dairy barn is used intensively by animals and humans on a daily basis. It goes without saying that the materials in which the space is constructed must be sturdy, durable and wear-resistant. 

The plastic panels, of which these spaces are made, meet these requirements: 

  • Reserved elasticity over the years
  • Stamp-resistant
  • High resistance to dynamic shocks
  • Don't discolour, even on contact with ammonia
  • Solid thanks to internal cell structure
  • Sliding and revolving doors are equipped with stainless steel fittings

Quick assembly

Frequently, the barn has already been put into use and a robot room is built afterwards.

With plastic panels a fast construction is guaranteed: 

  • The plastic panels are cut to size in the factory
  • Welding is done on site according to a plan.
  • The panels are light and easy to transport.

A last minute in the building process can be taken into account to build the robot room in a dairy barn completely tailored to your needs and those of the installer of these robots.

This is a great added value in both new construction and renovation projects. A smooth construction is also possible in places that are less accessible. 


Add more space afterwards, or add elements in plastic panels? That's possible. Our representative will visit you on site and make sure that the construction is adapted to your wishes.

Isolating and lockable

The robot room in your dairy barn can be completely closed off with custom-made floors and doors. The finely finished robot area gives the diary barn an extra dimension.

Tight view

Constructions made with the plastic panels look tight. Everything is made to measure and finely finished, resulting in a seamless and tight result. 

The plastic panels can be supplied in different colours and sizes. Even combinations of colours are possible in the same panel.

100% recyclable

Paneltim plastic panels are 100% recyclable and still retain the raw material value. The panels are also free of toxic substances. The robot room in your dairy can be built entirely with recycled panels.

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

Together with you we look at the added value of our solutions for your project!

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