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Ventilation for horses


Ventilating rooms for horses, contributes to the health of your horse. Placing sails on the different areas brings many other advantages.

Ventilation for horses - advantages at a glance

One system for each application

Horse track with fixed sails

In a horse arena a constant renewal of air is recommended. Horses sweat and must be able to cool down sufficiently. It is important to ventilate without draughts, so that the horses do not get sick. 

The sails are made in such a way that the view to the outside remains. In this way the horse remains visually connected to its surroundings. Also for the rider a pleasant feeling of openness is created. 

Step mill

A step mill can also be ventilated. Here, too, the sails are made in such a way that the view to the outside is maintained. This makes the horse feel more at ease.

In addition, there is still plenty of light inside the step mill, which is pleasant for both rider and horse.

Horse stable/horse box

A horse stable or box can be ventilated with both fixed and adjustable sails. The adjustable sails can be connected to a climate computer.

The sensors transmit the information they record to the climate computer. The climate computer sends the sails with the received information.

Repelling wind

The sails that provide ventilation for horses repel many influences. For example, the sails block wind, allowing you to ventilate without draughts. Keeping out the wind ensures that the surface in the stable or arena is not blown up, which is pleasant for you and your horse. 

Repelling rain

A second advantage is to keep out the rain. This is because the sails stop the biggest rain, which keeps the spaces for your horses dry.

Repelling birds

Also birds will be less able to fly into the stable or arena. 

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

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