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Thanks to a climate computer, you'll never be behind the times again. The climate computer responds to unexpected weather conditions and even heat stress is no longer a problem. 

What's a climate computer?

A climate computer is a computer that uses various sensors in and around the stable to automatically control the indoor climate. 

The climate computer can intervene on:

  • The adjustable wind sails
  • The fans
  • The lighting 
  • Heating

In order to keep the indoor climate optimal, the following parameters are measured continuously:

  • Inner temperature
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Rain
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Relative humidity
  • Light level 

Climate computer type CL-5000

In order to support the modern dairy farmer in changing or additional needs, we work together with the Dutch specialist Stienen company electronics Ltd. to supply our climate computer. They have no less than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing climate computers that respond 100% to the needs of the farmer and his/her animals. 
For the dairy farmer, the company developed a rock solid and reliable climate computer: the CL-5000. 
This computer regulates both the wind sails and the fans, but can do much more.
The CL-5000 climate computer can optionally be expanded with Farm-connect. With this app you can monitor and control the sails and fans in your stable from anywhere, via the smartphone.

Climate computer - benefits at a glance

  • Reduced risk of heat stress
  • Possibility to connect adjustable sails
  • Ventilation according to age groups
  • Automatically adjustable
  • Immediately respond to weather changes
  • Never chasing after the facts
  • 24h/24h regulated
  • All sails are arranged, so they don't work against each other
  • Adaptable if required
  • Atomization can be controlled in extreme heat
  • Sprayers on the stable can be controlled in extreme heat
  • Heating in e.g. robot rooms can be controlled in case of extreme cold
  • Lighting can be controlled

Reduced risk of heat stress

In summer animals can suffer from heat stress. This applies to many animals, from goats to cows. The temperature at which we can speak of heat stress varies from animal to animal. To avoid heat stress, it is best to use a climate computer. We can set it so that the fans connected to the computer start from the temperature that causes heat stress.
Our sails also contribute to avoiding heat stress. It is important that the heat has a way out. The combination of sails and fans is therefore effective. 

Possibility to connect adjustable sails

The sensors on the adjustable sails measure the temperature both inside and outside the barn. They then send information to the climate computer, which in turn stores all the information. In case of strong wind or rain, the climate computer will send a signal to the adjustable sails that they should close. 
When it gets too hot in the stable, the climate computer will also control the fans to cool the barn, and this without draughts. 

Ventilation according to age groups

When ventilating a stable, the needs of the different animals must be taken into account. Young animals need less ventilation compared to adult animals. The climate computer can be set differently according to the age group. 

Fans are also placed and set according to the needs of the respective age group. 

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

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