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Dairy cattle

In order to create an optimal barn climate throughout the year, ventilation is required. This can be done by combining natural ventilation with fans. Supplemental ventilation is an important factor in preventing heat stress.  

Problem: Heat stress in dairy cattle

A highly productive cow experiences heat stress at a temperature of 20°C. This is easily five months a year. Milk production requires a great deal of energy and therefore heat. In the case of heat stress, the animal cannot get rid of its excess heat. Heat stress therefore results in greatly reduced milk production. 

Solution: Combination: Natural ventilation and fans

Heat stress can be avoided by combining natural ventilation with fans. Especially when there is no wind and the temperatures are higher, it is necessary to provide additional ventilation to complete the ventilation story. 

The combination of natural ventilation and fans not only ensures an optimally ventilated house during a heat wave, but also during the rest of the summer months, which benefits the health of the animals. 

Advantages of our fans

  • No frequency control, so there can be no disturbances on the milking installation, cow detection, concentrate stations, separation boxes, robots, etc.
  • Energy efficient, allowing - depending on the duration of use - a very short payback time
  • Low maintenance thanks to sophisticated direct-drive design
  • Quieter

Partner Abbi-Aerotech

We have joined forces with Abbi-Aerotech and offer their innovative and energy efficient fans. 

Together with these fans and the natural ventilation with our systems, you get the total ventilation solution from us.

Custom made for optimal health of your animals

Together with you we look at the added value of our solutions for your project!

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