ABBIfan XXP-1 fan


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The ABBIFAN XXP-1 belongs to the new developments of ABBI-AEROTECH fans for dairy stables. This fan is more economical than most of the larger axial fans on the market.


Power supply 1-phase 230V
Capacity (W) 675
Power (A) 2,7
Speed (rpm) 511
Drive Belt

ABBIfan XXP-1 - benefits at a glance

  • Energy-efficient
  • Shorter payback period
  • No frequency control 
  • Optimal air yield
  • More quiet
  • Low maintenance


The ABBIfan XXP-1 is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and associated electronic control. As a result, a very high efficiency is achieved which becomes even greater the lower the speed. Savings have been measured from 30% to 70% compared to other fans.

Thanks to the engine technology used and its high efficiency, a payback period of one year is achievable, depending on the service life.

No frequency control

The permanent magnet DC motor of the ABBIfan XXP-1 does not require frequency control to control its speed. This means that no disturbances can occur on cow detection, concentrate feeding stations and separation boxes. 

Optimal air yield

The propeller consists of 3 propeller blades made of PPG material.  These propeller blades are designed and positioned to ensure optimum airflow. In addition, this design makes the fan significantly quieter.

Low maintenance

The fan requires little maintenance. Only the bearing blocks should be lubricated once a year.

Placement of the fans

Length ventilation 

This fan is mounted at a height of at least 2.70m at an interval of 14m to 15m. 

The ABBIfan XXP-1 is also easy to install after the construction of a barn.

Cross ventilation

For modern livestock houses with a height of at least 4.30m and open sides, this type of fan can also be provided on the side walls. In this way the fresh outside air is blown over the cows. 

Climate computer

This fan can be directly connected to a Stienen climate computer. 

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